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Linking Endothelial Dysfunction and Erectile Dysfunction

For those males who have what are called risk factors for cardiovascular problems or illnesses (these are issues involving the heart and its arteries) it can be very important to understand why something like erectile dysfunction will also be — for the most part — linked to something called endothelial dysfunction.

In this type of dysfunction (endothelial) the cells that line the inner portions of all blood vessels, including arteries and veins, as well as the innermost lining of the heart, are what cardiovascular specialists call “compromised.” This sort of dysfunction is believed by scientists to be a key step on the way to a male developing atherosclerosis, or “hardening” of the arteries.

This compromise prevents arteries from widening (dilating) fully enough during physical effort — including sex — which can lead to potentially serious medical complications due to lack of blood flow and subsequent lack of oxygen to the heart and other parts of the body, including the penis. This condition, in which the penis is affected, is called ED or erectile dysfunction.

In many cases erectile dysfunction is diagnosed through questioning by a physician and other specialists. Because of this endothelial compromise is not normally psychological in character, however many males will feel inadequate for reasons normally completely beyond their control. Actually, when physicians see a male patient complaining of ED, they will usually begin to suspect endothelial dysfunction as an issue.

The reasons for why endothelial dysfunction causes a lack of an ability to attain and then maintain penile erection mostly involve chemical actions revolving around a substance known as nitric oxide. Abbreviated NO, the lack of this crucial chemical has led more than one man to mistakenly blame himself or his significant other for inability to experience direction.

Fortunately, medical specialists including cardiovascular physicians have found that erectile dysfunction and also endothelial dysfunction respond well to certain lifestyle changes. Additionally, classes of drugs that help to improve the body’s ability to fight off endothelial dysfunction are also available. Happily, in many cases, erectile dysfunction will gradually disappear though results will vary from man to man.

What should be understood about ED by most men is that vascular diseases involving the heart and blood vessels are by far the most common cause of the problem. What needs to also be understood is that ED and these vascular issues are readily susceptible to quality, consistent treatments and therapies. The implication in all this should be clear for most males; if suffering from ED, make sure the physician is also looking at possible vascular problems.

No longer should men who have an issue with ED automatically assume that they need to run out and buy a big bottle of what’s commonly known as “the little blue pill.” Rather, they should be looking at going after the underlying problem, which can in many cases be related to issues in the inner lining of their blood vessels that are preventing a normally-needed chemical called nitric oxide from reaching areas in the body, including the penis, when it should. Erectile dysfunction clinic

Really, getting this message out to as many men as possible, with as much vigor as possible might go a long way in getting men to realize that erectile dysfunction isn’t something that’s just “all in their head.” This alone will be a real boon in catching early-stage vascular disease in many men of all ages who undoubtedly will suffer from erectile dysfunction but who might assume that the issue is not physical in nature and are wrongly looking either to themselves or their partner as being part of the problem.

What, then, should a male who is experiencing an issue with ED to first of all? Well, the first thing he needs to do is schedule an appointment with his internist and be as completely upfront about the issue as possible. Vascular disease can be a potentially very serious issue with long-term implications, and not just implications related to ability to maintain a good erection.

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